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Frequency Inverter
VARIO control & TravelMaster

TravelMaster and VARIO control  frequency inverter offers steplessly adjustable speeds of long and cross drives and therefore low-sway, precise and gentle working.

Soft starting and stopping lowers wear on gearbox, wheels and rails and reduces maintenance costs and material consumption. TravelMaster and VARIO control – a quick and simple profitability increase.

Thanks to the CANbus network, VARIO control  is already equipped for the future.

The VARIO control  frequency inverter is configured conveniently by use of a Bluetooth dongle connecting to a smartphone app.

Going forward, the advantages of the CANbus network will make additional hardware or tools completely unnecessary.

Frequency Inverter

  • Accurate operation under load
    Low-sway action with speed adjustable to any value in the range
  • Gentle operation
    Soft starting and stopping reduces stress on the gearing and wheels, thus reducing wear on the wheels and rails.
  • Low maintenance costs and short maintenance times
    Long service life for wheels and rails and practically no wear on the brakes results in lower maintenance outlay, with drastically reduced maintenance costs and use of materials.


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electric wire rope hoist NOVA

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ATHLO chain SL

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Frequency Inverter

  • VARIO control
  • VARIO control
  • VARIO control
  • VARIO control
  • VARIO control
  • TravelMaster5 004
  • TravelMaster5 007
  • TravelMaster5 011
  • TravelMaster5 020
  • TravelMaster5 034
  • TravelMaster4k 003
  • TravelMaster4k 006
TypeNominal current
at 400 V
Max. current 1 min
at 400 V
VARIO control 004
3.4 In A5.1 A
VARIO control 009 *
8.2 In A12.3 A
VARIO control 017 *16.5 In A24.7 A
VARIO control 02828.0 In A42.0 A
VARIO control 04545.0 In A67.5 A
TravelMaster5 0043.4 In A5.1 A
TravelMaster5 0076.8 In A10.2 A
TravelMaster5 01110.4 In A15.6 A
TravelMaster5 02019.2 In A28.8 A
TravelMaster5 03433.8 In A50.7 A
TravelMaster4k 0032.4 In A3.6 A
TravelMaster4k 0065.6 In A7.7 A
* VARIO control  is available as frequency inverter for lifting with the
   NOVA silverline in sizes NB to ND with A-motors in our CraneMaster sales tool.

Frequency Inverter

Easy programming

VARIO control :   App
units are programmed by means of easily accessible dip switches
units are programmed by means of an easy to operate removable display

TravelMaster frequency converters are designed for ambient temperatures of -10°C to +50°C.
(VARIO control +55°C)

The TravelMaster offers two types of controllers: stepless (EP) and two-step (MS2).

All frequency inverters are fitted with an integrated EMC filter as standard.

Strong motor power of the travel trolleys