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The CRABster winch offers the highest performance at up to 250 tons in the smallest space. Its robust construction and numerous control and protective functions make it a long service specialist, even in its standard version.

Thanks to its design, the CRABster has no lateral hook movement and with its frequency inverter, it provides extremely precise, productive and safe load handling at both low and high speeds.


Standard equipment:
  • Robust rope guides made of cast iron
  • 4-step gear limit switch
  • Additional safeguard by hook operated ultimate hoisting limit switch
  • Hoist condition monitoring system NovaMaster
  • 2-step trolley travel limit switch
  • Frequency inverter for travelling machineries
  • Hoisting inverter with closed loop technology, hoisting motor with encoder
  • Thermal protection for hoisting and travel motors
  • “Ready to use” bridge panels
  • PLIOTEX type wire marking
  • Bridge panels with inner light, 230V plug outside
  • Horn 108 dB
  • IP55 protection
  • Epoxy paint, 120 μm
  • Radio remote control
  • Central lubrication
  • Maintenance platform
  • ESR overspeed for faster lifting speeds with lower loads
  • Second hoisting brake
  • Ramshorn hook
  • Rope pressure roller
  • Guide rollers for trolley frame
  • Standby heating for bridge panels and motors
  • Air condition for bridge panels
  • Stainless steel bridge panel
  • Rain protection covers
  • Crane lights
  • Horn, 120 dB
  • Derailment catches and storm locks for hoist and crane
  • Ambient temperature -20°C - +55°C
  • and much more

  • Hook block/rope guide


    • Low-impact rope guide thanks to the inclination of the pulleys
    • Robust, cast iron rope guide ring
    • Longer service life for the rope drive as a whole

    The combination of the innovative hook block, the rope guide and the robust, cast iron rope guide ring ensures a high life expectancy for the rope. Service costs and downtimes are, thus, considerably reduced, not least because of the low-wear inclined position of the pulleys.

  • Hoist motor


    • Frequency inverter hoist motor (not a precision hoist motor) makes for low servicing costs
    • Very slow/fast speeds permit precise or productive working

    Rated at up to 94 kW, the hoist motor is powerful, temperature-monitored and allows both slow and fast speeds. Precision and productivity are perfectly combined. What's more, thanks to the frequency inverter, the high service costs of a precision hoist motor are avoided.

  • Hoist brake


    • High braking torque = high safety
    • No maintenance necessary (holding brake)
    • Reduction in operating costs

    The electromagnetic disc brake has a very high braking torque, amounting to around twice the rated load. Because it is used as a holding brake it is exposed to extremely low levels of wear and is also maintenance-free. Safety and low operating and maintenance costs are united to perfection in this combination thanks to the long service life it permits.

  • Hoist gearbox


    • High quality components (our own manufacture)
    • Oil lubrication and low maintenance costs
    • Helical gears ensure smooth running

    The oil-lubricated gearbox has a long service life thanks to the high-quality components used and thereby drastically reduces the maintenance costs and downtime. Hoisting and lowering processes are precise and almost silent because of the polished helical gearwheels.

  • Space utilisation


    • Optimal space utilisation
    • Uniform wheel load distribution

    When big is really quite small. Thanks to compact dimensions, we have been able to achieve optimum space utilisation and consequently the best practicable approach dimensions. The design itself does not only prevent lateral hook movement, but also ensures uniform wheel load distribution.

  • Control system


    • Simple and efficient integration on the crane
    • Cable marking (PLIOTEX)
    • Space for expansion modules fitted on site

    The CRABster's brain is installed in a set of control cabinets that are easy to maintain, clearly laid out and provide reliability in operation. The internal lighting and PLIOTEX cable markings ensure the required clarity of overview, thus making maintenance quicker.

  • Hoist monitoring


    • Improved safety at work
    • Optimised service intervals
    • Identification of misuse

    Even in the standard version, the CRABster benefits from NovaMaster hoist monitoring, thereby considerably improving safety at work. Overload monitoring and cut-out, monitoring the hoist brake, overheat protection and load spectrum recorder are only a few examples of the numerous functions.

  • Central lubrication


    • Operating cost savings
    • Simple and rapid access to the lubrication points
    • No lubrication point is forgotten

    Cost-optimised and rapid lubrication is ensured by the central lubrication system. This does not only reduce operating costs, but also ensures that the lubricating points get their ration of grease.


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CRABster M

  • Double girder trolley
  • Up to 250 t

CRABster F

  • Fixed hoist for free-standing installations
  • Up to 250 t


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