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Electric belt hoist
ATHLO belt

ATHLO <i>belt</i>

Our belt hoist ATHLO belt presents its advantages wherever cleanliness and safety are important. It covers a wide load range from 500 to currently 2,000 kg (further loads will follow).

The numerous series features enable reliable and always safe operation. ATHLO belt can also be optimally adapted to individual requirements. In addition to the already available models with stainless steel components, further components in stainless steel will follow.

ATHLO belt is designed for the food sector, the chemical/pharmaceutical industry and for all comparable industries.

Electric belt hoist

  • For loads from 500 kg – 2,000 kg (further loads will follow)
  • 2 mechanical hoisting speeds (ratio 1/6)
  • Lifting height: 4,5 – 9 m (depending on the hoist)
  • Standard operating voltage: 380 V – 415 V; 50 Hz
  • Stepless traveling machinery 5-20 m/min
  • Overload protection
  • Protection class of the hoisting motor: IP 55; insulation class: F
  • Overheat protection
  • Upper and lower adjustable limit switches
  • Contactor control (48 V)
  • Control with proven strain relief
  • Electrically isolated hook block
Options during 2022:
  • Corrosion protection version with stainless steel components
  • Version with fixed suspension or push or trolley
  • Stainless steel hook and hook block
  • Special operating voltages
  • Hoist cover (stainless steel/RAL)
  • Frequency inverter for stepless hoisting movements
  • Radio remote control
  • And many more

  • Hook/hook block


    • Available as steel version and stainless-steel version
    • No lateral hook movement due to ist design
    • Electrically isolated hook block
    • Single hook DIN 15401 (RSN)

  • Belt


    • High-tenacity and durable belt
    • Resistant belt made of polyester
      (optional Dynema from 2022)
    • Pulleys made of polyamid

    The belt is resistant to various acids, alkalis, mineral salts, solvents, and oil products. In more demanding environments, a Dynema belt can also be used (from 2022). Due to its design, the drum ensures gentle and at the same time safe operation.

  • Hoisting motor + brake


    • Powerful hoisting motor
    • Protection class of the hoisting motor: IP 55; insulation class: F
    • Overheat protection
    • Self-adjusting hoisting brake with wear control

    The proven hoisting motor is contactor-controlled and enables two lifting speeds (1/6; optional lifting and lowering controlled by frequency inverter from 2022). For maximum safety, an overheat protection is standard (Klixon).

  • Contactor control/Limit switch


    • Proven contactor control (48V)
    • Frequency inverter for stepless lifting and lowering (optional from 2022)
    • Comfortable 2-step hoisting limit switch
    • Protected installation in the casing
    • Upper and lower limits are easily adjustable

    As standard, ATHLO belt is equipped with a robust and proven contactor control (2 hoisting speeds, 1/6).

    The frequency inverter enables stepless and exact lifting speeds (from 2022). Very slow lifting and lowering ensures maximum precision and safety.

  • Control panel


    • Control with proven strain relief
    • Robust industrial design (IP65)
    • Flexible remote control (optional from 2022)

  • Hoisting gear


    • Powerful, durable hoisting gear
    • In-house production
    • Various gear lubricants configurable (standard or food grade)

  • Overload protection


    • Reliable overload protection

    The load limiter integrated into the electromechanical overload device protects the entire hoist and the girder from overload.

    As a further protective device, an overheat protection is also installed as standard in the hoisting motor.

  • Construction


    • Small C hoist dimension = optimal use of space
    • Robust construction (steel; optional with stainless steel components from 2022)

    All components of the ATHLO belt are arranged in such a way that a good use of space is guaranteed. The belt hoist is also available with stainless steel components.

    Depending on the requirements, ATHLO belt can be equipped with a fixed suspension or a push or motor trolley.

  • Trolley


    • Push or motor trolley available
    • Travelling inverter is located inside enclosure next to travelling motor
    • Robust cast iron wheels
    • Stainless steel wheels and hot-dip galvanized trolley plates (optional from 2022)


Product info
Belt Hoist ATHLO belt

File size: 2.7MB

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Electric belt hoist

ATHLO belt (double fall)

Load (FEM; Lifting speed):
500 kg (1Bm; 20/3.3 m/min)
630 kg (2m; 10/1.6 m/min)
800 kg (1Am; 10/1.6 m/min)
1000 kg (1Bm; 10/1.6 m/min)

Lifting height:
up to 9 m

ATHLO belt (three fall)

Load (FEM; Lifting speed):
500 kg (2m; 13.3/2.2 m/min)
630 kg (1Am; 13.3/2.2 m/min)
800 kg (1Bm; 13.3/2.2 m/min)
1000 kg (2m; 6.6/1.1 m/min)
1250 kg (1Am; 6.6/1.1 m/min)
1600 kg (1Bm; 6.6/1.1 m/min)

Lifting height:
up to 6 m

ATHLO belt (four fall)

Load (FEM; Lifting speed):
1250 kg (2m; 5/0.8 m/min)
1600 kg (1Am; 5/0.8 m/min)
2000 kg (1Bm; 5/0.8 m/min)

Lifting height:
up to 4.5 m

Info zu FEM/ISO:

Die Hubwerkseinstufung (FEM/ISO) ist eine Kennzahl die sich primär aus der mittleren täglichen Laufzeit des Krans und der tatsächlichen Last zusammensetzt. Hierbei wird auch berücksichtigt wie oft das Hebezeuge hierbei Höchstbeanspruchungen oder nur geringen Beanspruchungen ausgesetzt ist oder wie viele Starts/Stops erfolgen.

1Am / M4 = Die mittlere tägliche Laufzeit beträgt rund 1 Stunde und das Hebezeug wird häufig höchstbeansprucht und laufend mittleren Beanspruchungen ausgesetzt.

2m / M5 = Die mittlere tägliche Laufzeit beträgt rund 2 Stunden und das Hebezeug wird häufig höchstbeansprucht und laufend mittleren Beanspruchungen ausgesetzt.

Light Lifting