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Electric Chain Hoist
ATHLO chain EX Zone 22

ATHLO chain EX Zone 22

The ATHLO chain EX Zone 22 series combines the advantages of our proven chain hoist with the operational capability for potentially explosive atmospheres. The new generation of explosion-proof electric chain hoists is designed for loads from 160 to 1,000 kg (further loads will follow).

The chain hoists comply with the applicable national and international norms and safety standards (ATEX, IECEx, NEC) and can be used flexibly. The aspects of safety, product service life, ease of maintenance, performance and easy usage were the focus of the development.

Electric Chain Hoist

  • Thermal protection for hoist motor
  • Thermal protection for gear
  • Brake and slipping clutch
  • Limit switch for safe lifting and lowering
  • Hook block with two bearings
  • Foldable upper suspension hook (optimal C hoist dimension)
  • Flat cable and round cable gland
  • Pressure rollers / counterweights for trolley
  • Limit switch (deceleration/stop)
  • Towing arm
  • Rain cover
  • Self-locking hook
  • Stainless steel hook block
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Food safety lubricant
  • Manual brake release
  • Key switch on emergency stop button
  • Adapter to C-trolley
  • Fixed suspension (up to 1250 kg)
  • Time meter
  • Hardwired control

  • Housing


    • Dust-proof

    • Protection against sparking (potential equalization)

    The housing is reliably sealed against the ingress of dust. To ensure maximum safety and durability, thermal endurance tests carried out during development in heat and cold confirmed the consistent tightness of the chain hoist.

    The potential equalization of all components prevents the formation of sparks and enables use in potentially explosive atmospheres (zone 22).

  • New motor


    • Better cooling trough the optimized alignment of cooling fins
    • Longer service life
    • Lightweigt design

    The maintenance-free motor is a new in-house design. Its aluminum housing makes it lightweight. The cooling fan and fins work together perfectly to improve cooling and increase the duty factor by up to 60%. Its 4:1 power ratio guarantees a long service life and enables a better FEM classification.

  • New gears


    • Designed for a lifetime
    • In-house production
    • Broad speed range
    • Suitable for a wide range of uses and industries

    The new gear, which is produced in-house, is designed to last for the lifetime of the hoist. It offers a wide speed range to support many different applications. The gear offers robust tooth flanks and shafts that work together perfectly.

  • New chain bag


    • Runs more quietly and smoothly
    • Improved chain inlet prevents accumulation of the chain
    • Improves chain distribution in the chain bag

    The newly positioned chain bag has a highly robust design so the chain hoist is ideally balanced. Thanks to its positioning, the chain is optimally distributed. The chain bag is easy to install and has a modern, space-saving design.

  • New limit switch


    • Secure deactivation with no wear or tear on the slipping clutch
    • Optimal protection thanks to the position of the micro switch
    • Robust product that is built to last

    The limit switch gently turns off the motor on the upper and lower position to ensure safe lifting and lowering. New pins that trigger the micro switch are integrated in the chain sprocket to guarantee that the limit switch works flawlessly – even in extreme conditions.

    The optimal sealing of the limit switches enables operation in EX zone 22.

  • Hook block, 2/1 reeving


    • New construction with two ball bearings
    • Longer service life
    • Built for a lifetime with zero maintenance

    The sintered metal has been replaced with a new design featuring two bearings. This guarantees an even higher service life and keeps the chain sprocket running smoothly.

  • New suspension bracket


    • Security pin and brackets for a fast, simple assembly without special tools
    • Designed for push and motor trolleys
    • Improved C hoist dimension

    ATHLO chain Ex Zone 22 ensures optimal space utilization through its highly compact design and improved C hoist dimension. Thanks to the new suspension bracket, the electric chain hoist is highly flexible and versatile.

  • Brake and slipping clutch


    • Designed to handle 1 million cycles or up to a lifetime (with proper handling)
    • Slipping clutch as overload protection
    • New design of slipping clutch guarantees longer service life through improved cooling

    Even when the motor is switched off, the load is reliably held by the brake without any slippage. Further safety is provided by the slipping clutch. It prevents overload damage to the hoist.

    The temperature sensor of the ATHLO chain EX Zone 22 positioned on the gears also offer reliable protection, especially in sensitive working environments.


EX hoists
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Electric Chain Hoist

ATHLO chain EX Zone 22 (AB)

Load/Lifting speed:

160 kg (ISO M5)

two-step, 16/4 m/min

250 kg (ISO M5, M6)

two-step, 12/3 or 16/4 m/min (M5)
two step, 4/1 or 8/2 m/min (M6)

320 kg (ISO M5)

two-step, 8/2 m/min

500 kg (ISO M5)

two-step, 4/1 or 8/2 m/min

630 kg (ISO M5)

two-step, 4/1 m/min

1.000 kg (ISO M5)

two-step, 4/1 m/min

Reliable operation in sensitive environments (Zone 22).
Further loads will follow.

Info zu FEM/ISO:

Die Hubwerkseinstufung (FEM/ISO) ist eine Kennzahl die sich primär aus der mittleren täglichen Laufzeit des Krans und der tatsächlichen Last zusammensetzt. Hierbei wird auch berücksichtigt wie oft das Hebezeuge hierbei Höchstbeanspruchungen oder nur geringen Beanspruchungen ausgesetzt ist oder wie viele Starts/Stops erfolgen.

1Am / M4 = Die mittlere tägliche Laufzeit beträgt rund 1 Stunde und das Hebezeug wird häufig höchstbeansprucht und laufend mittleren Beanspruchungen ausgesetzt.

2m / M5 = Die mittlere tägliche Laufzeit beträgt rund 2 Stunden und das Hebezeug wird häufig höchstbeansprucht und laufend mittleren Beanspruchungen ausgesetzt.

Electric Chain Hoist

Potentially explosive areas for gases and dusts

Potentially explosive atmospheres are divided into zones. This classification, which ultimately determines the extent and the protective measures to be taken, depends on the type, duration and frequency of occurrence of explosive atmospheres.

For example, the environment of Zone 22 may be production or storage areas where powders or dusts are temporarily present:
flour, sugar, wood, plastic, metal, or any other substance that can form explosive clouds of dust when mixed with air.

Zone Probability of an explosive atmosphere
Gases Dusts
0 20 Very high - explosive atmosphere present continuously or very frequently
1 21 High - explosive atmosphere occasionally present
2 22 Low - explosive atmosphere rarely present

Electric Chain Hoist