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Our NOVAex electric wire rope hoists combine the reinforced NOVA with the special operational requirements needed for working in explosive atmospheres. The focus of the NOVAex is clear: top safety and reliability.

Thanks partially to the capsuled electrical components, the NOVAex is ideal for the potential equalisation of all conducting components and various protective functions, and for handling tasks in explosive atmospheres (gas zones 1 and 2, dust zones 21 and 22). The large diameter of the rope drum, which allows for almost vertical lifting and optimal use of space, also offers ideal conditions for exact load positioning.


Standard equipment:
  • 2-speed hoisting motors (6:1)
  • 2-speed travelling (4:1)
  • Thermal protection for hoisting and travelling motors
  • 2-step limit switch
  • Electromechanical overload protection
  • Operating time counter
  • Cables readily placed and positioned
  • Special HBC load hooks
  • Two-component powder coating
  • Ambient temperature -10°C up to +40°C
  • Running wheels and fall protection made of brass
  • Load hooks coated with bronze
  • Radio remote control RadioMaste
  • Maintenance platform
  • Second hoisting gear brake NC-ND
  • Drum brake NE-NF
  • DIN or double load hooks
  • Cable pressure roller
  • Ambient temperature -20°C or +50°C
  • Ambient temperature +55°C on demand

  • Electrical cubicle


    • Encapsulated and robust housings
    • Different security areas/zones ease handling and enhance safety
    • Reliable cable entry points

    Standard DE control panels offer a high level of safety as well as easy installation and maintenance. They are separated into different safety areas/zones and combine ‘pressure-resistant capsuling (d)’ and ‘increased safety (e)’. The ‘pressure-resistant capsuling (d)' area hosts the control, measurement and automation systems, and is fitted and sealed by certified technicians on site upon delivery. Any connections should therefore only be carried out in the ‘increased safety (e)’ area.

  • Potential equalisation using earthing strap


    • Reliable potential equalisation
    • Cable entry points ready for operation

    In order to prevent sparks, all crane components that could carry a charge must be connected to one another and, finally, to the protective earth. The NOVAex electric wire rope hoist comes with operational earthing straps ex works.

  • Lifting gearbox and limit switch


    • Encapsulated housing (ATEX)
    • Robust design
    • Cable entry points screwed

  • Control pendant


    • Two-stage rocker switches
    • Robust housing

    Trolley and crane travelling can be carried out safely and reliably thanks to the two-stage rocker switches. The especially robust design of the control pendants was conceived explicitly for application in explosive atmospheres and ensures constant control of the load.

  • Hoist motor


    • Completely closed, cooled with fan (for zones 1 and 21)
    • Pressure resistant encapsulation (for zones 1 and 21)
    • Overheat protection (PTC Thermistor)
    • Break designed for the lifetime

    Motors for zones 1 and 21 (ATEX II2G/D c Ex de IIC T4) are subject to pressure-resistant capsuling, completely sealed and fan-cooled. For zones 2 and 22 (ATEX II3G/D c Ex nA IIB T3), standard ‘nA’ motors are used. Sparks and hot surfaces are prevented in both options by construction meaures. Exceptionally robust housings (IP66) offer additional protection against external influences.

  • Load hook coated with bronze


    • Optimum spark protection

    Load hooks coated with bronze ensure spark protection from contacts of the load hook, for example, with lifting equipment.

  • Running wheels made of brass


    • Optimum spark protection (from 1 m/s onwards)

    Normally, also in explosive atmospheres robust and long-lasting running wheels from cast iron can be used. In special cases, from 1 m/s onwards, running wheels from solid brass material are optionally available for additional spark protection (increased maintenance requirement).



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EX hoists
and crane components

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Wire Rope Hoist

Potentially explosive areas for gases and dusts

Explosion hazard areas are separated into zones. This classification, which defines the scope of protective measures to be employed, depends on the type, duration and frequency of explosive atmospheres.

The electric wire rope hoist NOVAex is approved for the following areas und zones:

Electrical cubicles
Crane and trolley control

Electrical cubicles and cable entry points

Crane and trolley control panels in the standard DE are divided into different security areas/zones and combine „Pressure resistant encapsulation (d)“ and „Increased safety (e)“. All connections necessary have already been made at the factory by certified specialist staff and under optimum conditions.

With respect to highest possible safety and easier handling, all necessary first installation steps and cable entry points are carried out only in the area „Increased safety (e)“, and the zone „Pressure resistant encapsulation (d)“ can remain reliably closed.

All cable and conduit entry points produce a solid and tight connection and in addition offer advanced protection against mechanical influences.

Potential equalisation
at EX crane systems

Potential equalisation using earthing strap

The installation of electrical systems in potentially explosive areas basically requires a variety of prevention measures. An indispensable protective precaution here is the potential equalisation of all live components. All components of the crane that can be live in the case of failure are connected together and then finally to the protective conductor.

In practice, not only are all electric components to be earthed without exception, but also the entire crane installation, like auxiliary structures, runways, supports, etc., is to be included in the protection measure. For reliable equalisation, for example even runway joints must thus be conductively bridged (support joints with link plates bolted over are not enough here).

Wire Rope Hoist