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Electric Chain Hoist

CHAINsterEX is built on our standard model of the electric chain hoist CHAINster and features the same durability, flexibility and load-bearing capacity. The explosion-proof version fulfills the increased requirements for hoists operating in zone 22 (dust protection).

CHAINsterEX is designed for loads up to 2,500 kg. The product can be used in environments with temperatures ranging from -20 to 40 degrees Celsius. With a maximum surface temperature of 120 degrees Celsius in the highest dust protection group IIIC, the product meets the highest ATEX security standards.

Electric Chain Hoist

Standard configuration:
  • Eye or hook suspension
  • Push or motor trolley
  • Single and double-fall designs
  • Dual temperature monitoring protection
  • Protection from static electricity
  • IP66 and IP65 protection classes
  • Specially designed motor and connection box
  • Reinforced plate to keep the hoist frames shut upon impact
  • Plastic EX cable screw connections
  • Main switch with aluminum housing
  • Rubber cables
  • Ambient temperature from -20 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Hook with bronze coating
  • Self-locking hook
  • One-step, trolley limit switch
  • Steel chain bag
  • Food-grade lubricants
  • Stainless steel load chain, hook and hook block
  • Manual brake release
  • Emergency off switch with key switch
  • Hardwiring
  • Controller with cable screws
  • Towing arm for power supply lines

  • Flexible range of usage


    • Individual configuration with eye or hook suspension and push or motor trolleys available
    • Optimum use of space
    • Compact design and space-saving trolleys

  • Safe control


    • Certified EX controller
    • IP65 class of protection
    • Controller manufactured by Ex-tech

  • Solid aluminum housing


    • Solid aluminum housing
    • Flexible, space-saving design
    • Seals and copper discs for added protection in line with IP66
    • Easy accessibility to components

  • Tried-and-tested operation


    • Long service life, minimal downtime
    • Safe operation through low control voltage
    • Pluggable connections
    • Fast maintenance and minimal operating and maintenance costs

  • Ergonomic load hook


    • Ergonomic load handling
    • Large, non-skid hook handle
    • Safety latch integrated in hook

  • Newly designed cable entry points


    • Compliant with IP66
    • Certified EX cable screw connections
    • Pluggable connections
    • Fast maintenance
    • Minimal operating and maintenance costs


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Electric Chain Hoist

Potentially explosive areas for gases and dusts

Explosion hazard areas are separated into zones. This classification, which defines the scope of protective measures to be employed, depends on the type, duration and frequency of explosive atmospheres.

The electric chain hoist CHAINsterEX is approved for the following areas und zones: