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SWF Krantechnik GmbH – Innovation from the start

The success story of the Mannheim company began in 1921 with the production of railway cars under the company name Süddeutsche Waggon Fabrik, which is still reflected today in the three initial letters SWF. Five years later winches were required for the handling of the rail vehicles during the manufacturing process. These did not exist on the market in this form to date. In order to fill this gap, SWF quickly designed and produced cable winches, which were also used by other industrial companies for the internal material flow. The entry into the crane and hoist branch with a new company name was accomplished – Süddeutsche Waggon- und Förderanlagen.

Over the years the focus of SWF on cranes and hoists was steadily intensified. After the disruptions of the Second World War and the reconstruction of the company, this trend was clearly expressed in 1953 in a new company name: Süddeutsche Winden- und Förderanlagenfabrik von Bechtolsheim und Stein KG. As of this point in time, the company concentrated exclusively on industrial cranes and hoists. The products were constantly optimised and modified for an increasing number of potential uses. SWF developed into a high performance specialist in the crane branch. In 1973 SWF was integrated into the MAN company group together with its know-how. From this point on it was responsible for the development and manufacture of hoists and industrial cranes under the MAN name.

Since 1997 SWF Krantechnik GmbH has belonged to KCI Plc, number one on the international crane market, and is active worldwide as an independent company with innovative and versatile hoists and crane components on a modular basis. Alongside many other innovations, a vanguard role in the series utilisation of frequency inverter technologies for stepless trolley and crane operation distinguishes the pioneering spirit of SWF, especially in the electronics sector. Here, the utmost importance is attached to a sensible blend of electronics and mechanics, in order to design the products to be as efficient and user-friendly for the ultimate user as possible.

SWF Krantechnik is today represented by 250 independent crane building companies and hoist dealers in a total of 50 countries. This strong network has grown over the years and is based on mutual trust and a high level of professional expertise. SWF lives through its 70 employees; all of them motivated, experienced and uncomplicated.


SWF Krantechnik


Founding of the Süddeutschen Waggon Fabrik – the first three letters describe the company name SWF to the present day.


Company name changed to Süddeutsche Waggon- und Förderanlagen – SWF commenced with the production of cable winches for the shunting of railway cars.


Takeover of the Schüle company based in Feldkirchen. At this time Schüle already had a decade of experience in hoisting technology. Schüle developed hand winches in 1919. The first electric hoist was developed in 1925 and the manufacture of complete crane systems had already started by 1927.


Another name change due to the new core business in crane and hoisting technology: Süddeutsche Winden- und Förderanlagenfabrik von Bechtolsheim und Stein KG.


Integration of SWF into the MAN company group as a specialist for industrial cranes and hoists.


Merger with MAN Wolffkran, reflected in the new name MAN GHH Krantechnik GmbH.


Merger of MAN GHH Krantechnik Gmbh, Mehne and MAN Lagersystem-Technik to create MAN GHH Logistics GmbH.


Takeover by KCI Plc – SWF Krantechnik GmbH acts as an independent company on the international crane and hoist market.


At the new location in Mannheim, promoted by a young, dynamic team, SWF Krantechnik GmbH has achieved an increase of sales since 2001 of more than 100%, and counting.


Founding of the SWF Hoist (Shanghai) Company Ltd. branch office in Shanghai, China. Renamed SWF Krantechnik Co. Ltd. in 2012.


Founding of the SWF Krantechnik Pte Ltd branch office in Singapore




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